Check out our FAQ for everything you need to know about Vigor E-Moto Bike.

Q1. What is the top speed of VigorEbikeEBike?

The VigorEbikeEbike can go up to a speed of 25 kmph on average weight.

Q2. How many kilometers can the VigorEbike go on a single charge?

Currenty we have 4 Model of VigorEbikeEbike in our portfolio


  1. VigorEbike Z comes with 12.5Ah 48V Lithium Ion battery and Range: 35+ KM on Throttle 50+ KM on PAS.
  2. VigorEbike X comes with 15.5Ah 48V Lithium Ion Battery and Range: 45+ KM on Throttle 60+ KM on PAS.
  3. VigorEbike Cafe Racer comes with 20Ah 48V Lithium Ion Battery and Range: 80+ KM on Throttle 100+ KM on PAS.
  4. VigorEbike Cargo comes with 20Ah 48V Lithium Ion Battery and Range: 80+ KM on Throttle 100+ KM on PAS.

Q3. Does the VigorEbikeEbike come with a higher speed?

As of now, 25 kmph is the higher speed of VigorEbikeEbike. However, we have other versions that are currently being researched and developed for higher speed.

Q4. Is there any way to increase the speed limit?

By default the speed of the VigorEbike is locked at 25 km/h.

Q5. How long time does it take to charge VigorEbikeEbike Battery?

Normaly the battery size 12.5Ah will take 3-4 hours by normal charger.

Q6. Can the VigorEbikeebike be driven in waterlogged areas during rainy season?

As long as the water level is under 5 inches deep, you willl have no issues riding even in waterlogged areas. Electronic components comes with water resistant and motor with IP65 rating.

Q1. Is registration required for Vigor?

No. You don’t require any registration to ride the Vigor.

Q2. Can someone younger than 18 years of age ride the Vigor?

Yes, since you don’t need a license or any registration to ride an Vigor!

Q3. Do I need to wear a helmet while riding the Vigor?

Yes, we recommend wearing a helmet while riding our bike, for your own safety.

Q1. What are the colours in Vigor?

The Vigor comes in5 colours – matte black, silky silver, cherry red, rose gold and Astro orange.

Q1. Can we charge the battery at home?

Yes. The VigorEbike has a portable battery which you can charge at any place with a three pin socket.

Q2. Can we charge the VigorEbike without removing the battery from vehicle?

Yes. The bike has an external port which enables the battery to be charged even while still in the bike.

Q3. What is the life and warranty of VigorEbike?

We are using Lithium Ion cells in our batteries and the life of cells is of two to three years. We provide a 2-year warranty on our batteries

Q4. How much power does the battery of VigorEbike consume for a single charge?

The VigorEbike consumes 1 units of electricity for a single full charge, the cost of which will vary based on the government charges for electricity in your area.

Q5. What is the cost of an additional battery?

An additional VigorEbike battery with 12.5Ah capacity would cost you ₹15999.

Q1. Can we get a punctured tyre repaired at a regular mechanic shop?

Yes, you can get your punctured tyre fixed at a local mechanic shop. However, if you need to replace your tyre, you can contact one of our dealers or buy a replacement directly from us.

Q1. What is the kerb weight of VigorEbike?

The kerb weight of the VigorEbike is 35kg.

Q2. What type of motor does the VigorEbike have?

The VigorEbike has a 48V and 250W motor with a internal gearbox for load carrying capacity.And avoid any motor damage.

Q3. Does the VigorEbike have self-start?

It turns on and off when you turn the key in the ignition.

Q4. Does the VigorEbike have a tubeless tyre or tube tyre?

The VigorEbike has tube tyres.

Q5. Does it have rear shock absorbers?

No, Its ballon tyres are tested to provide better comfort in both urban and rural areas.

Q6. How much load can the VigorEbike take?

The VigorEbike can carry up to 150 kgs of weight.

Q7. What kind of transmission does the VigorEbike have?

The VigorEbike has a hub-drive motor system and also a chainwheel drive .

Q1. What is the price of VigorEbike?

The VigorEbike starts from ₹49,999/-, inclusive of GST and shipping charges. You can pre-book it today for just ₹599/-, which is fully refundable.

Q1. Where can I go for a test ride in my city?

You can contact our sales team through mail and book your test ride.

Q2. What cities do you deliver to in India?

We can deliver your Vigor anywhere in India!

Q3. Where do I book the Vigor?

You can book your very own Vigor here:

Q4. What are the EMI options available?

You can use your credit to avail of the EMI option. Additionally, eligible customers can also book via Zest Money & Bajaj (Soon)

Q5. Is COD is available?

No. Unfortunately, COD is currently will be available once dealership opens.

Q6. After dispatch, how much time will the bike take to get delivered?

It should take around 7 working days after dispatch for your Vigor to get delivered, however this might slightly vary based on your location.

Q7. What is the refund process?

For refund-related queries, please email along with your booking details.